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The Many Faces of Sephiroth

Cracked Out

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This here is a community for Sephiroth. Or rather, cosplaying Sephiroth. Pictures and fics of anything and everything with Sephiroth dressed in different clothes are allowed. From Power Rangers!Seph to Fried Rice!Seph, as long as it's not him in his usual leather trenchcoat, it's usually allowed.

1. Large images should be under lj-cut.
[lj-cut text="Write text here"]Image[/lj-cut]
Remember to replace the brackets with the pointy kinds.
2. Implied yaoi, yuri, and even het is allowed. Just... no porn. Sorry, but there are other communities for it. However, solo!porn is allowed. Remember to place that behind cut.
3. If you got that picture from another source, please credit that source.
4. Fics and art should usually have a header:

5. Basically anything goes.

MOD: kimchiburger
CO-MOD: tilderific

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