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[Mod Post + Art]

Wow, I didn't think anyone would really join this crack community. *boggles*

Anyhoo, for those of you who did join, thank you! It was created from... uh, nevermind. There isn't a heart-felt story for you guys. But that's not the point of this post. The point is that sephiroth_id is a more-or-less crack community for cosplaying!Sephiroth. It's not really a Sephiroth-centric community that some of you may be looking for.

Ah! Don't leave yet! D: We're just getting started!

I hope you guys will post as well. It's getting annoying when I only post 5-second doodles.

Title: LOL!Tranny
Author/Artist: kimchiburger
Cosplay: Transvestite Poledancer
Rating: PG-13. Nothing's happening unfortunately
Warnings: Sephiroth's showing lots o' skin, so there's only the awfully phallic pole. Sorry, I like poking fun at Sephiroth. D:
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